Indiana's only 100 Mile Trail Race - April 30 - MAY 1 2016
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We are very pleased to announce that the only 100 mile trail race in the state of Indiana will be held at Chain O' Lakes State Park in Albion, Indiana on April 30 - May 1 2016.

Please note that there will also be a 50 mile race option on the same course with the 100 mile race. There will be a 30 hour time limit for the 100 milers and a 15 hour time limit for the 50 milers.

The Indiana Trail 100 is a non-profit event managed by ultra-runners with the net proceeds going back to the park. We are convinced that once you run on our scenic course you will keep coming back. We will help you achieve your goal, whether it's your first 50 or 100 miler or setting your personal record time.


Registration for the 2016 Indiana Trail 100 will begin on Saturday, May 30th. We will take the first 400 registrants. Sign Up

May Announcements

1) 2016 Race Dates – The 2016 Indiana Trail 100 will be held at Chain O’Lakes State Park on April 30 – May 1. Please save these dates to be a part of our event. For those new to the Indiana Trail 100, we feature a 100 mile and 50 mile run. We do not offer any distances shorter than 50 miles.

2) 2016 Race Registration – Registration for the 2016 Indiana Trail 100 will begin on Saturday, 5/30/15. Please enter online through the Indiana Trail 100 website, under Entry/Registration. The registration will be provided through RunSignUp.

We will provide more details about RunSignUp as we approach the registration date.

3) Cap – The limit for the 2016 Indiana Trail 100 will be 400 runners. It is at the race committee’s discretion to determine the limits for 100 mile and 50 mile entries, respectively. We will provide advanced notice if we decide to close down one of the fields due to the maximum limit.

It is your responsibility to register before we reach our cap. This past year, we were contacted by approximately 200 people that requested to enter the race after we filled up.

4) Waiting List – As soon as the 2016 Indiana Trail 100 reaches its limit of 400 runners, we will implement a waiting list. The runners will be placed on the waiting list in the order they sign up; the first on the waiting list will be the first to take the place of someone that drops out.

5) No Deferrals/No Refunds/No Transfers – There will be no deferrals, no refunds and no transfers for any reason, including injury. However, we will allow runners to switch from the 50 miler to 100 miler, and vice versa, after you have signed up. More details to follow.

6) Western States – Please note that the Indiana Trail 100 is a Western States qualifying race.

7) Midwest Super Slam – Please note that the 2016 Indiana Trail 100 is part of the 2016 Midwest Super Slam.

8) Buckles – In 2016, we will again provide sub 24 hour buckles along with traditional buckles for runners that finish over 24 hours but less than 30 hours. The 50 mile finishers will receive a medal.

9) Training Runs – While the Thursday night training runs will still take place throughout the summer, we’re going to take a break from the Saturday morning training runs. We will advise once the Sunday morning training runs start again in the fall.

10) July weekend training run – We will host a group event run(s) in mid-July as we’ve done for the past two years. This will consist of a one loop run (16.67 miles) on Friday night, a two loop run (33.3 miles) on Saturday morning, and a one loop run (16.67 miles) on Saturday night. If you’re in the middle of training for a 100 mile run, this will be a good opportunity to run with several other IT 100 runners and get in up to 66.67 miles in a 27 hour time period. We’ll provide more details as the event date approaches.

Indiana Trail Running (an Indianapolis-based running group) has made it their July running event and have brought many of their runners to join us at COL the first two years. It's been a very low-key but fun event, so feel free to join us.

11) Ham Radio/Medical/Volunteers – While we anticipate many runners back in 2016, we’re also pleased to announce that many of the ham radio, medical, and key volunteers will return as well. We plan on making the 2016 Indiana Trail 100 the best ever and it starts with these group of people that are committed to making this another great experience for our runners.

12) Three-year awards – We are honoring the following runners with three-year awards:

Vince Corona Helen Garen Mike Heider Scott Hudson Russ Jensen Daniel Maddox David Potter Mike Smith Paul Stofko

Each of these runners has completed either the 50 or 100 miler at the Indiana Trail 100 over the first three years. We will send them special plaques to honor their accomplishments but in the meantime, please congratulate them.

13) Trail Maintenance – Summer is a busy time of year for trail maintenance at Chain O’Lakes. Please let us know if you’re interested in volunteering to help us maintain the trails. Please contact Jerry Diehl at jdiehl@indianatrail100.com

14) Sponsors – We would like for our sponsors to take a bow one more time for their generosity towards the most recent Indiana Trail 100 last month. Please thank Culligan Water of Columbia City, Eaton, Fort Wayne Metals, GU, Heartland Insurance Partners, Icespike, Jameson Coffee, Parkview Health, R&D Motorsports, Running Around Screen Printing, RunRace, Salomon, Speedgoat Karl’s 100 Mile Blend, Sport One, Subway – Albion, Ligonier, and Rome City, Three Rivers Running Company, 2Toms, and Whitley Chiropractic & Wellness Center. These sponsors contributed before, during, and after the event in ways that contributed to your success.

Also, thanks to FitLetic, Nike, and Swiftwick for their contributions to our raffle Friday night before the race.


Sport One Ortho Northeast


Whitley Chiropractic & Wellness Center

Culligan Water of Columbia City

R&D Motorsports



Three Rivers Running Company

Brett Hess Insurance Services


Where Runners and Races Connect

Fort Wayne Metals

Jameson Coffee

100 Mile Blend

Running Around Screen Printing



Parkview Health

Subway Restaurant - Albion, Ligonier, Rome City

Indiana Trail Running