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Indiana's only 100 Mile Trail Race - April 30 - May 1 2016

With regards to packet pickup, you can have someone pick up your packet for you ONLY if they have your completed and signed medical form and waiver.

Per the attached link:

1) Print off both forms
2) Complete and sign both forms
3) Have someone hand deliver both forms on your behalf at packet pickup

Our volunteers are instructed not to give any packets to anyone that does not have completed and signed medical forms and waivers. We are NOT accepting any online version of the forms.

The forms need to be hard copies and on-site in order to receive your packets. If the person who is picking up your packet does not have these forms then you'll need to pick it up on Saturday morning.

Additionally, if you're picking up your own packet we encourage all of you to expedite the process and complete these forms NOW and bring with you to packet pickup. It will save you time from filling out both forms on site.

This is not a complicated process.

Runner Tracking Information (please read and follow instructions)

Begin by clicking on this link:

1) Click on Find Participant.

2) Type in the name of the person you want to track.

3) Click on Results Notification and then add your email address to it and confirm.

4) This will set you up to receive emails when splits are posted. Anyone can do this.

Please see the attached screen shots to even further simplify the process. You'll be able to follow your runner by computer, phone, Ipad, etc.

We will get updates from rally, schoolhouse, and the start/finish line. We ask that you please show patience with getting results during the event. Asking where your runner is every five minutes will not get you the results any quicker.

Please note that the texting option is no longer available. We could not come to an agreement we felt was fair and cost effective. But we believe the internet tracking information outlined above will work very well and meet everyone's needs.

If you have any questions please refer those to Tom Landis at


Welcome to the Indiana Trail 1LOGO00

We are very pleased to announce that the only 100 mile trail race in the state of Indiana will be held at Chain O' Lakes State Park in Albion, Indiana on April 30 - May 1 2016.

Please note that there will also be a 50 mile race option on the same course with the 100 mile race. There will be a 30 hour time limit for the 100 milers and a 15 hour time limit for the 50 milers.

The Indiana Trail 100 is a non-profit event managed by ultra-runners with the net proceeds going back to the park. We are convinced that once you run on our scenic course you will keep coming back. We will help you achieve your goal, whether it's your first 50 or 100 miler or setting your personal record time.

The Indiana Trail 100 is pleased to announce that the 2016 race will be a qualifier for the 2017 Western States Endurance Run.



Schedule of events (EDT)

Friday - 4/29
Packet pickup from 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm 
Pre-race dinner from 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm 
Raffle from 6:00 pm - 6:30 pm 
Race instructions from 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Saturday - 4/30
Packet pickup from 5:00 am - 5:50 am 
Runners at the starting line by 5:50 am 
Race begins at 6:00 am
Race ends for 50 milers at 9:00 pm

Sunday – 5/1
Race ends for 100 milers at noon

Notes: All events on 4/29 will either be at the Main Event Tent or next to it. The Main Event Tent is located at the start/finish line across from the Sand Lake Beach parking lot. You must be present to win for the raffle.

As previously stated, we highly recommend that you pick up your packet on Friday.


1) Packet Pickup – Hours for packet pickup are as follows:

Friday afternoon/evening (4/29) from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm EDT

Saturday morning (4/30) from 5:00 am – 5:30 am EDT

Packet pickup will take place at the Main Event Tent by the start/finish line across from the Sand Lake beach parking lot.

You will also need to complete, sign, and turn in a medical form during packet pickup. If you want to expedite the process, please print out the form from the Indiana Trail 100 website (when it becomes available), fill it out and sign it in advance, and then turn it in during packet pickup. Please note that WE WON’T ACCEPT EMAILED VERSIONS of this form. We need hard copies on site for review.

If possible, we highly recommend that you pick up your packet on Friday afternoon/evening. Most of the runners do this and it’s less stressful than trying to do it before the start of the race.

2) Drop Bags – There will be two places on the course that allow drop bags – Rally Campground (halfway point of the course) and the Main Event Tent (start/finish line). Please turn in your drop bags at the Main Event Tent either Friday during packet pickup or Saturday morning before 5:30 am EDT. We will NOT transport any drop bags to the Rally Campground after the race has started.

We will have two designated areas to place your drop bags with each clearly showing which aid station the bags will go to. PLEASE PUT YOUR NAME AND BIB NUMBER ON YOUR DROP BAGS. We will provide tape and a marker for your convenience.
Placing your name and bib number on your drop bag is very important because the volunteers will try to keep the bags sorted by bib numbers. This will save you a lot of time searching for your drop bags.

3) Start – The race starts at 6:00 am EDT on Saturday, 4/30. Each year we have runners show up late because they forget the time change from the state they’re arriving from. Please plan accordingly because you will not be given extra time.

Everyone needs to line up behind the starter’s mat at the start/finish line by 5:50 am EDT.

4) Bridges/Stairs – Bridges and stairs will be slick if wet. You may want to walk or tread lightly on any wet bridges/stairs.

5) Scoring Mats – Please make sure you go over the blue electronic scoring mats at each aid station. If you don’t go over a scoring mat at an aid station, you’ll lose the ability to be electronically timed for that particular area and we won’t be able to provide live updates of your whereabouts.

6) Course Markings – There will be Indiana Trail 100 markers, signs, and pink flags to guide you around the course. The pink flags will be on your right. If you see a clump of flags together on either side it means, we’re making you aware of a hole or obstruction.

7) Aid Stations – There are two aid stations at the Schoolhouse – approximately miles 4 & 14. In between these aid stations, runners will go through the Rally Campground aid station – approximately mile 8.5. The final aid station will be at the start/finish line, where you’ll start your next loop.

Please consult a volunteer on which direction to go when leaving the aid stations if you have questions.

8) No Littering – We have a strict NO LITTERING policy on our course. There will be trash bags located at the aid stations and a distance afterwards. This event is for the benefit of the park, so the last thing we want to do is trash it. Any runners found flagrantly littering will not be invited back in future years.

9) Ham Radio – Ham radio personnel will be stationed at various parts of the course and are there for your safety. Please report any course issues to them, including if someone needs assistance.

10) Medical Personnel – Medical personnel or first responders will be at each station. Their headquarters will be at the Main Event Tent but they will also have medical personnel at the Rally Campground. First responders will be at the Schoolhouse. Please let them know if you or any other runners need assistance.

11) Sand Lake Beach Parking Rules:

The Ham Radio trucks will be stationed on the side beach parking lot. They will be situated between barricades. Do not move the barricades to try to park at their location.


There will be ample parking available at the beach parking lot, as well as the lot overlooking Sand Lake and the main campground parking lot.

12) Schoolhouse Parking Rules:

Per our monthly announcements, there is little to no parking room available at the Schoolhouse and what little there is will be used by the volunteers, race officials, and first responders. Please note that spectators or crew members cannot park on the side of the road at the Schoolhouse, as it’s on a hill and is a safety hazard for everyone. If you drive in that vicinity volunteers will wave you through to move cars out of that area.

If you are a spectator or crew member and you want to visit the Schoolhouse area, there are a few options – You can park in the Long Lake picnic area parking lot and walk over (about a half mile away), you can park in the Dock Lake parking lot and walk over (about a mile away), or you can take the shuttle. We will provide a map at the Main Event tent if you want to review the Long Lake and Dock Lake parking options.

13) Rally Campground Parking Rules:

With the Rally Campground aid station moving over to the youth tent area, it will free up some more parking. Spectators and crew members will be allowed to drive out to this area and park all the way up to the barricades, where runners will exit the last trail before the aid station. Only volunteers and medical personnel will be allowed to park beyond the barricades. If you’re not a volunteer or medical personnel, do not move the barricades.

14) Dropping Out of the Race – If you decide to drop out of the race for any reason, YOU MUST INFORM ONE OF THE VOLUNTEERS OR RACE OFFICIALS AT ONE OF THE AID STATIONS. Otherwise, this will result in an unnecessary search for you, which will utilize a lot of manpower and resources.

Additionally, if you drop out, please turn in your chip, to a volunteer or race official. We can either assist you with retrieving your drop bags or you can do it yourself while you’re still at the event site.

If you’re entered in the 100 mile, race and drop out between 50-99 miles, please go back to the Main Event Tent to pick up your medal. It is your responsibility to request your medal while you’re on site, as we are not mailing the medals.

15) Start/Finish Line Scoring – Please report your number to the official scorers before going into the Main Event Tent prior to starting a new loop.

16) Pacers – Pacers are allowed only for 100 mile runners and after they have completed 50 miles. While you can use more than one pacer for the last three loops, only one pacer is allowed with a runner per loop. For example, if you have three pacers, each of them can run one loop with you (loops 4, 5, and 6).

All pacers need to sign in at the Main Event Tent to complete their medical form and pick up their pacer bib. If a runner has multiple pacers, it’s okay for the pacers to pass along the bib to the next pacer but all of them still need to sign in.

17) Spectators – Food will be available to the public on Saturday at the Sand Lake Beach concession area and at the Sunny Shelter near the Main Event Tent starting at 5 am. They will be open until 10 pm on Saturday night and re-open at 6 am on Sunday morning. The concessions are provided by the Albion Eastern STAR Team, a local nonprofit agency.

18) Storm Strategy – In the event of a storm warning (tornado or thunderstorm) issued by the National Weather Service, the race will be suspended by park and race officials until the threat has passed. All runners and volunteers will be asked to leave the course and will be reinstated at the same spot they were pulled and given additional time to finish (which equals the amount they previously had – 30 hours for 100 milers, 15 hours for 50 milers).

The ham radio personnel will work in conjunction with the Noble County Emergency Management Team to monitor the weather days leading up to the event, as well as throughout the event.

19) Sharing the Park – Please note that there will be people in the park that are not involved with our event. Please be courteous to these people and they will most likely return the favor. If you come up from behind on some hikers, please announce your presence, so as to not startle them. Chances are good that they’ll be aware of the situation but it’s just good trail etiquette.

Additionally, please be aware of vehicles at all times you’re on the road. If you’re wearing earplugs while listening to music, it’s your responsibility to be aware of anyone trying to communicate with you. We highly recommend that you remove any listening devices while running on the roads or when an official is trying to give you instructions. This goes double for nighttime.

20) Showers/Toilets – There will be showers available in the Sand Lake Beach building, as well as the main campground area. Porta potties and toilets can be found in the following places on the course:

Main Event area – Porta potties near the start/finish line, pit toilets in the tent camping area, and toilets in the Sand Lake Beach building.

Schoolhouse (about mile 4) – Porta potties and pit toilets.
Rally Campground (about mile 8.5) – Porta potties and pit toilets.
Miller Lake (about mile 10) – Pit toilets.
Canoe Campground (about mile 11) – Pit toilets.
Schoolhouse (about mile 14) – Porta potties and pit toilets.
Dock Lake (about mile 15) – Pit toilets.
Boat Rental (about mile 16) – Pit toilets.

21) Salt Tablets/Aspirin/NSAIDs/Sun Tan Lotion – It is the runner’s responsibility to provide their own salt tablets, aspirin, NSAIDs, and sun tan lotion, so please plan accordingly.

22) Massage Therapy – We will have massage therapists on site on Saturday morning and afternoon to assist runners with muscle issues during the race. They will be stationed inside the schoolhouse, so if you’re running through that area and need some assistance check and see if they’re available.

23) Clothing during the race – Many runners misjudged the nighttime temperatures in past years and didn’t wear enough clothing at night. Please keep this in mind.

Please note that if you’re parked at the Sand Lake Beach parking lot you will run right by your car when finishing each loop. MANY RUNNERS CHANGE THEIR CLOTHING AT THEIR CAR, AS IT’S EASIER THAN DOING SO AT THE MAIN EVENT TENT. IT ALSO GIVES YOU MORE SPACE IN YOUR DROP BAG. Please consider doing this, as it’s a good strategy and a way to continually switch into fresh clothing.

24) Lost or Forgotten Items – If you leave any personal items behind after you leave the park, we suggest you contact the park office at 260-636-2654. As previously stated, we are sharing the park with people that are not involved with our event. Sometimes, these hikers leave clothing and other items behind as well on warm days, so we cannot always assume it is from our runners and pick it up, other than take it to the park office.

25) Shuttle Service – Each runner will receive a flyer with information about the shuttle service during packet pickup. Please provide this information to anyone that you think would want to use the shuttle service. We will also send out a separate notice regarding the shuttle service leading up to the event.

26) Volunteers – We don’t care what anyone else claims, we have the best volunteers. They are truly what make this a special event for our runners, as they sacrifice their own weekend to assist you with your goals. Please show your appreciation to the volunteers when you have the opportunity by extending a simple thank you.

27) Final Word – Have fun. This isn’t the time to sweat the small stuff. This is the time to celebrate all of your hard work. We will share your ups and downs with you. In the grand scheme of things, very few people can understand or relate to what you’re attempting but we do. And we salute you for it.

Follow up to the pre-race instructions:

1) Questions - We strongly suggest that if you have questions you ask this week and not next. We're going to send a barrage of notes early next week and then we'll be out on the course by mid-week. We won't even be in range to receive messages, much less have time to answer any.

2) Front gate - The entry fee into the park is $7. Each participant will have their name listed at the front gate. Give the gate attendant your name and you'll get in free. If a friend or family member is coming to the park and not in the car with a participant then they'll need to pay, as will anyone else that enters the park.

Please note that volunteers will have their name listed at the gate as well, along with ham radio operators and medical personnel. Everyone else pays.

3) Showers - There will be showers available at two locations - at the Sand Lake Beach building and in the campground.

4) Read the pre-race instructions carefully - It is very important that you understand ALL of the details contained in the pre-race instructions posted at the top of the page. For example, please read #21:

Salt Tablets/Aspirin/NSAIDs/Sun Tan Lotion – It is the runner’s responsibility to provide their own salt tablets, aspirin, NSAIDs, and sun tan lotion, so please plan accordingly.

We are not a pharmacy, so you need to take responsibility for the items listed in #21. We cannot emphasize that strongly enough.

The following are the tent camping instructions:

1) The park is graciously allowing runners to camp in an area next to the start/finish line by the Main Event Tent. This area is free of charge and is first come/first served.

2) Runners can begin selecting a site in this area on Friday morning (4/29) starting at 9:00 a.m. You cannot reserve a spot, so please don't ask anyone to do so. It is your responsibility to get there before the spots are all taken.

3) Please note that you can drive up to this area only to drop off your tent. There is no parking in this area or next to your tent and you'll be asked to move your car down to the parking lot.

4) The size of your tent cannot exceed 12' x 12'. This area was never intended for anything larger than that. Anything larger than these dimensions will need to go to the campground, which is nearby. The park is trying to accommodate as many people (and tents) as possible.

5) We ask that all tent campers in this area keep the noise level down as a courtesy to all the runners that are trying to rest. Any issues with noise or general obnoxious behavior will be dealt with by park security.

6) While it's a decent size area, we have no idea how quickly it will fill up. It will obviously be a function of when people arrive to the park and start taking up spaces. Will it be full by Friday? We'll see.

If it does fill up there will be many spaces available in the campground. A lot of our runners will be camping there. Attached please find a link to the park website, including camping information. Please note that you will need to pay to stay in the campground. The park doesn't take reservations until May, so please drive up to the campground gatehouse to reserve a spot.

7) Runners will need to clear out of the tent camping area by Sunday afternoon (5/1). It is fine to get in a nap before you leave town. In fact, we encourage it.

April Announcements

1)) Race Dates – The 2016 Indiana Trail 100 will soon be upon us – event dates are 4/30 – 5/1. For those new to the Indiana Trail 100 we feature a 100 mile and 50 mile run held in Chain O’Lakes State Park in Albion, IN.

2)2016 Race Registration – Registration for the 2016 Indiana Trail 100 is now closed.

3) Cap – The cap for the 2016 Indiana Trail 100 is 400 runners.

4) Waiting List – The waiting list is now closed.

5) No Deferrals/No Refunds/No Transfers – There will be no deferrals, no refunds, and no transfers for any reason, including injury. However, we will allow runners to switch from the 50 miler to 100 miler, and vice versa, after you have signed up.

6)Pacers – If anyone wants to pace and is looking for a runner to help, please contact Jerry Diehl at This might be a good solution for those that don’t get into the race as an entrant but still want to be part of the event. If you’ve never run a 100 miler before pacing is a great way to get training through the night with a runner. More importantly, you’ll make a friend for life.

It is each runner’s responsibility to find their own pacer(s). We will do our best to help but we cannot guarantee that we will find a pacer for every runner that wants one. We have enough of our own responsibilities to tend to but we will try to help.

7) Volunteers – The Indiana Trail 100 is known for its volunteers. Please let us know if you would like to join our team. For information on how you can participate as a volunteer please contact Jerry Diehl at or sign up using the attached link:

  • Volunteer

  • We’re currently looking for volunteers to assist with set up/tear down, registration, aid stations(especially during the evening), shuttle van/drop bag logistics, manual scoring (Finish Line), and course sweeping. If any of those volunteer positions sound appealing and you wish to give back to the ultra running community please contact Jerry.

    8) Western States – Please note that the 2016 Indiana Trail 100 is a 2017 Western States qualifying race.

    9) Midwest Super Slam – Please note that the 2016 Indiana Trail 100 is part of the 2016 Midwest Super Slam.

    10) Buckles – We’ll again provide sub-24 hour buckles, along with traditional buckles for runners that finish over 24 hours but less than 30 hours. The 50 mile finishers (or 100 mile runners that complete at least 50 miles but not 100 miles in the allotted 30 hours) will receive a medal.

    11) Training Runs – Please note that we have only two more training runs left before the Indiana Trail 100 – 4/2 and 4/9. We will run at least one loop (16.67 miles) of the course and provide rolling aid stations.

    The Saturday training runs start at 9:00 a.m. (EST) from the Sand Lake Beach parking lot.

    12) Trail Maintenance Day – We’ll have our trail maintenance day on 4/16. Please sign up at the attached link if you’re going to join us:

  • Trail Maintenance Day

  • This is an important function, as we trim up the trails in advance of the race. Please make sure to extend your thanks to everyone that helps improve the course for all of the runners.

    14) Tailwind – We’re very pleased to announce that Tailwind will be the official and exclusive electrolyte drink of the Indiana Trail 100. We’ll have Tailwind at each aid station, along with water, soft drinks, and coffee. For more product details, please see the attached link:

    15) Hotel/Camping Options – Below are links to where many of our runners have stayed and will stay for the weekend of the Indiana Trail 100:

  • Super 8

  • Quaity Inn

  • Holiday Inn Express of Kendallville!

  • Brick Ark Inn

  • Chain O' Lakes State Park

  • There will be tent camping (non-electrical) available right next to the start/finish line beginning on Friday before the race. This will be on a first come, first served basis. Please note that you must leave your car in the parking lot if you are tent camping.

    Electrical campsites in the COL campground will be plentiful for campers or RV’s. The campground is less than ¼ mile from the start/finish line and also has access to showers.

    16) Schoolhouse Parking Situation – Please note that during the race, parking is very limited at the schoolhouse aid station and what little is available will be only for volunteers and medical personnel.

    Additionally, there will be NO parking allowed alongside the road next to the schoolhouse parking lot, as it is on a hill and is a safety hazard to everyone.

    There will be volunteers there to wave you along if you attempt to park on the side of the road, so please don’t consider it.

    The alternatives for crew and spectators to view the action at the schoolhouse is to either take the shuttle or park in a lot less than a mile from the schoolhouse and walk over. We will provide these options on a large map outside of the main event tent.

    17) Friday Night Pasta Dinner – There will be a Friday night pasta dinner on site prepared by the same local charity group as in previous years. The cost per dinner is $10. The dinner will consist of baked spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic toast, tossed salad, dessert, and a drink. They we will have a vegetarian pasta sauce option as well. We encourage you to make reservations for the dinner instead of walking up, so that the group preparing the meals can plan accordingly. Please contact Beth Shellman either by phone or email to make your pasta dinner reservations: Beth Shellman’s contact information: Phone – (260) 636-3417
  • Email- Beth Shellman

  • Please note that she’s unable to take credit card payment, so you’ll need to work out cash payment with her when you’re on site, which will be simple enough to do. The Indiana Trail 100 is not involved with the Friday night pasta dinner, so all questions will need to be addressed with Beth. If you approach us with any pasta dinner questions we’re just going to direct you to her, so you may as well contact her directly.

    18) Website – If you have any questions about the Indiana Trail 100 that can’t be found in these monthly announcements, most answers can be found on our website at

    While we’re happy to answer your questions, we won’t always be able to respond quickly, particularly as we get closer to the race date. That is why we hope that you find the monthly announcements and website information helpful.

    19) Sponsors/Supporters – The Indiana Trail 100 is fortunate to have incredible partnerships with our sponsors and supporters – Afdent, City Chevrolet, Culligan Water of Columbia City, Fort Wayne Metals, GU, Indiana Trail Running, Jameson Coffee, Kroger, Parkview Health, Running Around Screen Printing, Salomon, Speedgoat Karl’s 100 Mile Blend, SportOne, Tailwind Nutrition, Three Rivers Running Company, and 2Toms.

    Please thank all of our sponsors/supporters for their support of our event and please check out their respective companies by clicking on their own logos on the sponsor page of the Indiana Trail 100 website.

    20) Site Protocol – Our website and Facebook Forum/Event Page is specific to the Indiana Trail 100. Topics discussed include ultra running in general but the focus is primarily on our event as an informational guide to our runners.

    We do not permit advertisements of non-ultra running events/sites, nor their sponsors. While we have great respect for those that compete in shorter distance running events or triathlons, our site does not focus on these types of events, nor do our runners. We will remove all material, links, etc., that don’t meet the aforementioned criteria.